The Porch Roof of the Sauna, Revisited

Ugh.  This was definitely a bad day in progress.

Of course, it was only an internally poor experience.  I did manage to continue with the same techniques to complete the roof.

All my problems began when I came in for lunch and decided to release Donna from any responsibility to feed me.  Instead, I opted for a bag of potato chips with some Buffalo Wing (Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Pepper) dip.

As I approached the bottom of both the chips and the dip, my stomach suddenly revolted.  I managed to supress the insurrection, but there still were ongoing tensions the remainder of the day.

This really made it difficult to have much fun.  Trust me, even people who like blue cheese and jalapeno probably don’t like the feeling of it burbling onto the back of their tongue all day.

That feeling, combined with the knowledge that I was going under the knife in a few days, didn’t help to improve my mood.  This feeling of low-level nausea persisted until after surgery – so it made for a slightly miserable few days.

Anyway, I persisted on the roof and finished the basic installation by myself, in only two days.  Then I took to my sick bed for the rest of the evening.  Until the morrow, here’s the picture of me driving in “The Last Spike”.

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