Strapping the Porch Roof

The porch roof is by no means going to be insulated, so I had no need to install any sort of decking there for extra protection or support.  Instead, strapping spaced out at about 19 or 20 inch centres was judged to be sufficient.

I dug out a number of long boards from the board pile at the mill, and between Grandpa and I, managed to get them cut and positioned over the course of two days.  It required a fair bit of moving back and forth with the ladders to place and then screw down the boards.

In the corners, I ran a pair of 2″x4″‘s from a block on the sauna to the corner of the fascia boards of the porch.  The angles were very challenging to get right, as they had to be cut in all three dimensions!  I think they came out better than I expected, but as I’ve said before, I don’t think I would go with a non-vertical fascia board on the cabin or other future porch roof.

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