New Tires for the Yanmar 155D!

After the broken pin on the front axle of the Yanmar, I hadn’t been able to get the toe-in quite proper. This seemed to put lots of stress on the front end of the tractor, and the tires were beginning to show some evidence for this. As is my habit, I tried to ignore it.

When I noticed that the tire pressure seemed to be rather low, I hooked up my compressor and pumped them back up. Then I continued with my business.

Widening the clearing for our cabin foundation by hand, we had been using the tractor as a wheelbarrow – shovelling excess dirt into the bucket to deposit elsewhere. At last I parked the tractor beside the excavation, and upon returning the next day, realized that the reason the tractor was sitting so low at the front was not because the soil had compacted – the front tire was flat!

I hooked up the compressor again, but it couldn’t budge. The tractor was out of commission (again).

I loaded up the flat, took it down the road to KC Automotive, but they sent me on to Action Tire in the city. They made some phone calls, eventually telling me there was only one tire of that size left in the country, and did I want it. Of course I did. Later in the day, they called back to say they had found a second one. I decided to purchase it pre-emptively.

After a week, both new tires arrived and I installed them, as well as adding in the bolt that had been missing since I purchased the tractor. It sure felt good to be back in the saddle again!

It was much easier to move the concrete blocks around with the tractor, than schlepping them by hand or wheelbarrow.


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