Laying Concrete (Cinder) Blocks

Well, after Grandpa and I poured all the concrete I had left, there was still some time in the day to tackle another task, so I decided to try my hand at the concrete blocks.

I followed the directions on the package of Mortar Mix, but it sure seemed way too dry for me, so I added more and more water until it was more the consistency I had seen on the YouTube videos.

Slapping it down onto the footings and then laying in the blocks was a bit more challenging than they make it look. Online they just tap it here and there with the end of the trowel and suddenly it is level and straight. I had to lift and reset it a few times, and the mortar on the ends of my block occasionally fell off! I used a whole bag of mortar mix for only eight blocks. I hope I can improve on this in future!

In order to keep my walls straight and on the footing, I made my own string holder. This little gadget sure looks simple, but building a working model is much more involved than I thought. At least mine does work not too badly.

I picked up another dozen blocks and two more bags of mortar mix yesterday. I’ll take another crack at it perhaps tonight or on the weekend. I really want to keep moving with this project!


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