More Mud Means More Ditches

Last weekend it rained for four days straight. Luckily in the city they didn’t experience it quite as dramatically as last spring, but on my clay pathways, it was a disaster! Everything took on the texture of butter, with the look of fudge. Driving on it eventually became out of the question. I took to parking down on the lower, more graveled portion of our driveway.

Eventually Grandpa couldn’t stand watching our work wash away, and he began to dig a short ditch. I pitched in, and we managed to put in a much longer ditch (drain?) down the most vunerable side of our driveway.

Then we moved back to a section of my main pathway that also was very sloppy, and actually laid down two drainpipes to shuttle water from one side of the path to the other side.

Finally I tried bringing the truck back up the driveway. It wasn’t much of a success. I still got stuck multiple times and really left deep and lasting ruts in my parking area.

Oh well, hopefully it will dry out, and each season that I try to deal with it more and more will mean it gets to be less and less of an issue.


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