Spring Run-Off

As I have complained about lately, we have had an excess of snow. In fact, although much of our snow is gone, it is snowing as I type this – on May 11th.


This snow was a hassle to navigate while it existed. Now that it is melting rapidly, it has again become a hazard. It has turned most of our pathways and trails to mud. The truck and car have gotten stuck a few times just outside of the dojo tent – not because of ice, but now because of mud. Sigh.

For the past week we have abandoned the notion of driving up to the dojo tent. I now park both vehicles near the entrance of our property. The driveway is simply too soft, and I’m doing more damage driving up close than I care to repair with the tractor and grader blade once drier times arrive.

Halfway down the driveway, and continuing to the entrance, there is a veritable lake growing almost to the height of the gravel.

In an effort to prevent a full blown washout or stream across the driveway, Grandpa initiated a goal of creating a secondary ditch from this lake, directly to the highway and culvert. Kenny and I have regularly revisited the location to dredge it lower and lower. In this picture you can see it near the centre of view.

The melting of the snow is an exciting time though; it does clear the way for excavations to begin! Just today Grandpa and I set out preliminary stakes to mark off the cabin and sauna. We also discussed some other work to have done when F! arrives to do our heavy equipment work. Some ideas have included a greywater pit and a small pond. Both are exciting notions. I also like having a better idea of sight lines now that we have an idea where our cabin walls will really need to go.



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