Opening the Domes!

Thursday was a momentous day! We peeled off the shrink-wrap plastic from the domes, and opened them up to allow in some fresh air and undistorted sunshine for the first time in months.

I managed to re-attach the rings for pulling the struts down without falling off the ladder.

Kenny was very excited to try his hand at catching the rings with our hook. He could JUST reach them when he knelt on our bed.

Maybe soon he can even reach the ones in the main yurt!

From the outside, it was refreshing to see them popped open, and yet the indoor temperature was still quite manageable, dropping to a low of about 17 degrees, and then climbing back to above 20 once the full afternoon sun was shining down.

While the actual difference in air and light may have been small, they sure seemed huge to us in comparison. I think I speak for the whole family when I say that it added a spring in our step!
It also helped that we had some guests visit, and so we gave the yurts a bit of a spring cleaning that morning too. Our guests were very gracious and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. Hopefully we can have them back again soon – Kenny seemed to really enjoy sharing his snow fort with them, and even (only ever so slightly protectively) his Lego!


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