Gathering a Little Spring Firewood

With the extended downtime of the tractor, gathering firewood became a bit more challenging. As such, the warmer weather has also lulled me into a sense of not needing so much to burn.
Of course, the arrival of more, and then more snow began to gnaw on my sense of heating security, and watching the woodpile dwindle finally got to be too much for me. With chainsaw in hand, I headed off on foot to see what was dead, but still standing, and within walking distance of the yurts.
Up near the front driveway, where it crosses a boggy section, there were plenty of smaller candidates. I cut up about eight or them, and then, drenched in sweat from the effort and the rapidly rising temperature, I returned to the yurts for a lunch break.

After lunch, Kenny and Donna pitched in to help me drag my treasures back to the woodshed, where we piled them alongside the path.

After we had them all arranged, I fired up the saw again and cut them up into stove length.

Donna also gathered up a number of the smaller, dry limbs that had broken off, and they have proved to be great at starting the fire – sometimes too great!

Although it didn’t amount to a huge increase in my woodpile, it will help to get us a little further along. This weekend they are predicting our first double-digit temperatures, and yesterday we were able to get along with firing the woodstove only twice (morning and night), so our needs are diminishing at a similar pace to our resources.
It will also be a help once we can dig out our propane tanks and be able to cook on the propane stove again.

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