Snowstorm in April?

My in-laws tell me that last year the snow was generally gone in March, and by April they were raking the lawn. I know when my brother and I arrived at the end of April, we could only find a little snow tucked away under some trees here and there. We freely walked about on the homestead and unloaded the trailer with all our possessions.

This year is quite different. We suffered through a record breaking low temperature, and have ploughed more than our fair share of snow.

On Friday though, Mother Nature decided we could take a bit more. It began snowing Thursday afternoon/night, and all through the night we heard the wind gusting and blowing stronger than ever, and then all day Friday it continued to snow.

We cancelled sauna night, as it wasn’t realistic to be able to walk through the drifts to even GET to the sauna.

I’m not sure if it was the right decision to hold off on ploughing until Saturday morning, when the snow finally stopped falling. I contemplated whether or not it was better to do a run with the tractor every few hours during the storm, as compared to waiting and doing it all at once.

Either way, I am not sure where I could have put the snow, and I’m still not entirely sure, it being Sunday morning now, and the driveway MOSTLY clear, but still rather narrow in a few places and likely requiring a bit of hand shovelling to widen it enough.

Now that the snowbanks are clearly about two to three times the height of my grader blade, it cannot accomplish much. The front bucket works marginally better, but it still requires me finding a way to get far off the drive to dump the snow, and I have to raise the bucket nearly to its eight foot limit to be able to dump it above the banks.

In spite of waiting a few hours in the morning for the temperature to get to -10, the tractor was still a struggle to get started. At last it roared to life, and while I spent much of the day on my backside in the tractor seat, trying hard to at least clear a walking path from the vehicles to the road, Donna slaved over multiple shovels to the same end.

Kenny tagged along and was tremendously distraught when he found that his snow fort had blown in. It was some effort to explain to him that it was simply an act of nature that had done it, rather than Daddy being careless with his snow clearing efforts.

Later in the day, in better spirits, he checked on us again to much better effect. He was in his glory conquering the beam pile and clearing it off for us.

As the afternoon turned to the supper hour, Donna and I cleared away the vehicles and then set down our shovels. Today I will try to get back at it to widen the driveway enough to get our car in and out. Hopefully some warmer weather will come along to assist us in our snow removal.


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