Losing our Teeth. (Kenny vs. the LT10)

I’m really sorry I haven’t written in some time. It seems that I have been sleeping in quite a bit lately when I’m not working, and I have also been working a fair bit off the homestead.

That’s been nice. Howie’s is a really good fit for me, and I hope that they are happy with what I have done for them – even if business is pretty slow at the moment.

Otherwise, on the homestead, it has mostly been about whittling away at the huge pile of logs I have on and around the skidway. I think this week (with me working again) I will still try to mill at least one log before the sun goes down after work each day. The sun is present for much longer already than it was even a month ago.

I’m still practising to get better and more consistent with my cuts. Sometimes it is difficult to look at the log and see the beam trapped inside. Last week I started cutting into a rather large beam from the narrow end, and soon found myself halfway into the log, cutting out a slab, and realizing that the slab was approaching three or four inches thick – a point where I could likely have cut a few boards out of it before getting to the beam at the centre.

Smart me, I decided to back up and raise the blade an inch or two, and then cut a slab off the top before continuing with this board. I’ve done this once or twice before without incident.

Today wasn’t my day though. As I pulled the saw head back through my cut, I must have encountered some resistance somewhere that popped the still spinning blade off of the wheels.

I replaced the blade, finished the cut, and then shut things down to examine it closer. Imagine how thrilled I was to see that I had knocked the points off of at least two teeth. It’s hard to see in the picture, they are a bit to the right of where I am pointing.

That was enough for that day. My beam pile had grown a bit anyway, so I put on one of my spare blades and closed things up.

By coincidence, about the same time Kenny’s first wiggly tooth also finally fell free. He had no undue assistance from Daddy – he was careful to only let me wiggle it a bit when helping him floss, and it eventually just dropped out of its own accord. He’s such a handsome lad!

Tomorrow it’s back to work, where I can attempt to grind my blade back into some semblance of a cutting tool, and hopefully be back in the beam business full tilt!


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