Global Warming Comes to Thunder Bay

Thursday and Friday, it was raining. This is in January! It is very disconcerting for many reasons.

Most immediately, it means that it is actually getting more difficult for me to get back into the bush where the larger trees are. I need that access to be able to build our cabin in the spring/summer/fall! It’s melting the snow that levels off the terrain for the tractor.

Trying to take slight advantage of the melted snow, I hooked up the grader blade to the tractor and decided to hit my snowbanks hard. This took far longer than I expected. I guess I need more experience mostly.

First I did a quick pass along the trail leading back to the yurts.

Then I tried to really clean up the area around where we park the vehicles. I was getting tired of having to use the come-along nearly every time I tried to park the truck. I am not exaggerating. At least half the times we try to turn the truck around, it gets stuck. Grandpa thinks perhaps I need more weight in the back of the truck. I suppose this isn’t impossible to accomplish – I just need to purchase more cinder blocks I suppose.

After clearing these areas, it was time to tackle the driveway.

I swung the grader blade around to point backwards and proceeded in reverse down the driveway. This was very hard on the back and neck after the first hour. The second hour was painful. The third hour I tried to twist around to the other side, but it really made it awkward to operate the three point hitch lever when you’re turned away from it. The fourth hour I decided I didn’t need my driveway to be so wide. The fifth hour Grandpa came out with his scoop to ensure there was no evidence of snow left on the road from my endeavours. We both had read in the Lappe Lantern a warning to people that they were not allowed to have any snow from their driveway on the public road, subject to fines.

While the driveway looks messy with the dirty snow exposed, it is much wider now, so hopefully we can continue to get to town when we need to.

Still the rain was coming down, and a very soggy me returned to the yurts for some home made chicken noodle soup and wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches. As hard as it is to prepare most foods on the woodstove, Donna has completely perfected the ability to make grilled cheese sandwiches. I think this is very fortunate, as soup and grilled cheese is almost my favourite meal!

The best part of the day came at the end – sauna night and the bliss that comes from being steamed and cleaned.


2 thoughts on “Global Warming Comes to Thunder Bay”

  1. If you decide to add weight in the truck, remember that the further back the weight is, the better. No need to fill the whole truck bed. Start with just the space from the rear axle to the tailgate.

    Also, you could use snow instead of cinder blocks for weight. You have plenty of it on hand. And it self-empties at the right time – when it's warm enough that you don't need it any more.

  2. Thanks Jay! How did you get to be so smart?
    I have five blocks already tied against the lift gate, but I suppose I need to add to that.


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