Cutting my own Stickers

Once I had a full layer of beams beside my building site, as well as another full layer by the sawmill for moving to the building site, I knew I had to cut some stickers.

Stickers are smaller “sticks” of a uniform size that you space out between layers of lumber so that it can dry more quickly and consistently.

I had loads of 1″ planks already piled up at the sawmill, a by-product of milling the beams. It took the better part of a morning to drag the larger generator out of the dojo tent and into the open air. I then dug out my table saw from under the piles of tools and parts that had accumulated on top of it. Once I had these two items together, I began again to struggle with the starter cord on the generator. After a few more than 50 or 60 pulls, it roared to life and I was in business!

It was relaxing, enjoyable work to simply rip the boards down to 1″ sticks. Once I had a largish pile of these, I removed the fence from the table saw, and continued to use it to cut the sticks into approximately 4′ lengths.

I discarded pieces that had too much bark on them, and this still left me with what I thought to be a large pile.

Kenny was more than happy to transport these stickers from the sawmill to the building site – and we were more than happy to let him go!

He experimented with various methods to carry the stickers – I liked his impromptu travois best.

Now that I have three layers of beams stacked up, I see that my stickers may still be too far apart, and require some additions. Oh well, better to find out now rather than later…


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