Cutting Beams for a Cabin

On Sunday I decided to start the morning on the sawmill, try to use up all the petrol I had, and then make a trip to town in the afternoon to get more at Bannon’s Gas Bar. While driving down the road can net you a few pennies off per litre, Bannon’s has both clear and dyed diesel – something I needed for the tractor.I fired up the mill first thing, and started to work.

I must say that my new Christmas ear protectors were a real pleasure – I listened to a number of podcasts via Bluetooth while I worked. My only complaint would be that certain podcasts were too quiet to overcome the sound of the mill at full output, so I only took them in piecemeal. Next time I may just listen to the radio and save podcasts for nighttime or something a bit quieter.

My output was pretty good. I think I milled about four or five beams for the cabin, and one for the sauna. This was reassuring, as I had up until then only been getting smaller beams from my first number of logs. I still worry that I have only scratched the surface of the number of beams I will ultimately need, but we will have to see how it plays out once we have more designs drawn up.

It was also a nice, sunny day, and so I spent time between beams at the solar panels, tweaking them in tiny increments to gather every last electron I could. Somehow just knowing that the days are getting longer (albeit, only a minute or two so far) has me feeling better about our system. I guess the direction situations are taking is more important than where they are, psychologically speaking.

Eventually the lunch hour passed, and I checked in with Donna and Kenny to see if they were interested in riding to town with me. They had decided not to bother, so I set off on my own. In addition to the fuel, I stopped by Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and Maier Hardware to pick up the parts I would need to get the water flowing around our place again. Stay tuned for THAT adventure.




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