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How To Get Your Truck Out Of The Mud

This is about as far into the roundabout as I got.Spiffy new dent and scratches courtesy of molested tree.Yesterday was a long day for me.

We were low on water for breakfast, so I hiked over to Mummu and Grandpa’s to refill our supply. While there Grandpa assured me that the truck would navigate his roundabout. He told me it would be tight, but that it could do it.

Back at the yurts, over breakfast, I decided to give it a real try. Ugh. Commence pictorial story…

Yes, it was a long morning. I backed the truck down the entire trail from the yurts to our driveway, and, as there isn’t a place to turn around yet, continued on down the driveway in reverse too. That’s a long trip with your neck on wrong, especially if you are carrying lots of tension in your shoulders to begin with!

After the lunch hour, we followed Mummu and Grandpa to camp, where Kenny blew off huge amounts of energy running around and around the cabins. After begging canoe rides from me twice and Mama once, I gave in and away we went. He insisted that I could only steer, but he was to provide all the power. He was still full of beans enough that he made a great showing of himself! We didn’t stay too long though, and when we got back, I returned to working on my solar panel stand. I fear it isn’t going to work in its present configuration though; it’s simply not stable enough. Time to try something new.

Donna made another great supper of boiled potatoes and our last home-canned soup. She’s really stepped up to keeping us well fed here in the bush!
Cavalry again!  Fun factor evident from my expression.I won’t hit that tree again!Kenny brought up his bulldozer to help return the roundabout to its former condition.But wait, there’s more! Note large log jammed into undercarriage!Don't ask.Between the proverbial rock and a … soft place?Ahhh, now this is how to get around!
I did another Odjob laundry, and then we all were treated to apple pie at Mummu’s house. After that, I was so beat up by the day, that it was only a few moments in bed before I was gone.


If I'd have been there, you'd have not bothered with un-stuck attempt one (the plastic grippers!)
Awesome job. My place seems so… tiny. 😉
  • Chris (2012-07-05)

Your place is just right for you! We probably haven't yet left a portion of our land equivalent to your whole parcel. The plastic grippers are still in the pile they landed on when I threw them away in disgust.
  • Stephen Garstin (2012-07-05)
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