Thawing a Frozen Water Line (Part One of ???)

This may be part one of multiple posts that last into the spring. The other day as I returned to the yurts, Donna informed me that no water was coming out of the faucet. Ugh. I ventured down to the well with an FRS in hand, and had Donna plug in the well pump at the yurts. I could clearly hear it start up, but after a few moments, she still reported no water. I took a stock pot full of water and poured it along about ten feet of the lowest, flattest looking section of pipe, but still no go.

The section at the yurts seems to be on a good angle, and tapping it feels and sounds empty.

There are three areas where it approaches horizontal, but I was pretty sure it still had a slope. Today I will likely have to bring out my level and check them – decide which is most horizontal, and attack it with more hot water. One annoyance – without water, it’s going to be hard to get stock pots full of boiling liquid to pour out!

I suppose a number of trips to Mummu and Grandpa’s with our pails are in order.

It also appears that the drain hose for the washing machine was frozen – no water in OR out. This one was an easier fix. I cut the hose much shorter, opting to accept it draining only about eight feet from the back of the yurts for now. Then I brought the shorter hose inside and let it thaw into two buckets. Must remember to always drain this hose after use!

Stay tuned for further developments on this front.

On another note, I now have low-power wifi in our yurts! I’m so happy – the modem/router combination only requires USB to charge, and also has a four hour backup battery! I just had to spend a few hours with it flashing the firmware, then flashing it again, then bricking it, then flashing it five times in a row and editing some XML to get it back to working, but not just working – working properly! Yay!

If only I could log into it this morning to check on its status – but at least it is working.


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