Aiki-ken with Ken

One side benefit of purchasing two or three rolls of Reflectix insulation is that you end up with some awesomely long, glorified toilet paper tubes!

These make MUCH better bokkens (or lightsabers, if that’s what you’re after (and with Kenny, that was definitely what he was after, complete with sound effects and the Imperial March being hummed)) than paper towel tubes.

After only a few moments, he had me at a disadvantage. His relentless hammering on my bokken reminded me of something, and suddenly my bokken was shattered!

Luckily, he was merciful. Well, that, and his hands got too cold to want to continue.


2 thoughts on “Aiki-ken with Ken”

  1. Well, with Christmas coming up, you'll have loads of these tubes available afterwards and maybe you can convince Sensei to let you use them on your next test?


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