A Fall Hike to the Lake

After chipping and shredding a bunch of brush late last week, we decided to try to treat our yurt fever (a subset of cabin fever) with a walk to our lake to see how things were out there.


I was surprised to see that the stools I had built for our friend’s visit were STILL standing unmolested – I guess I had figured that at some point something would have tipped them over. They are birch, mostly held together just by the bark, so I figured that a bear would be more than happy to tear them up in search of worms or ants. In any case, there they were!


It was also neat to see the lake surface nearly covered in ice. Under very careful supervision, Kenny went to the edge to poke at it with his stick. Both he and I got joy from throwing sticks and pebbles on its surface, and both listening to the plunking echos and watching the stick or stone go spinning off across the lake.


On the walk back we decided to investigate what Mama had figured was a mysterious windfall. She could see the freshly broken stump, but there was not a corresponding tree easily visible. Instead of Tonttu (or perhaps Haltija?) making off with the tree, it was really just a matter of the tree falling into a bit of a deep spot in the forest where we couldn’t see it from the trail. But serendipitously, that discovery brought us far enough off the trail to find another floating rock similar to Kenny Rock – not nearly as large, but shaped like a giant chair and large enough for a birch tree to be actually growing on top of it!


All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. We really enjoy exploring our property, and guessing that we’ve seen only perhaps a quarter to a third of it after our first six months is an exciting prospect!


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