Using a Grader Blade to Clear Snow

So I began pricing out grader blades locally after our big snowfall. I sent out a few email inquiries, and then, just to have an idea what to expect, I also searched out pricing on used blades across Ontario. It seemed like I was going to be looking at around $400-$500. These things must really … Read more

Flies in November?

On Monday I set out to finish the last of my clearing of trees for the solar panels. I’m really hoping that in spite of a month to go before the Winter Solstice, the sun won’t go a huge amount lower. Besides that, I have cut all the trees I’m really prepared to remove (famous … Read more

Chainsaw Mishap

The other morning was brisk in my opinion. But that didn’t stop me from jumping out of bed and practising some of my old high school’s carpe diem! I headed outside to find this greeting me. With temperatures like that, I knew it was going to be a little more difficult to get myself, and … Read more

Aiki-ken with Ken

One side benefit of purchasing two or three rolls of Reflectix insulation is that you end up with some awesomely long, glorified toilet paper tubes! These make MUCH better bokkens (or lightsabers, if that’s what you’re after (and with Kenny, that was definitely what he was after, complete with sound effects and the Imperial March … Read more