Moose Tracks! (Not the Ice Cream)

A few days ago, as I realized that my solar power situation was getting progressively more challenging, I decided to modify my array ever so slightly to take better advantage of the morning sun. It was much easier than I expected – I grabbed my portable reciprocating saw with a metal blade, cut away a few spots on the lower right corner of the array, and voila! I can now rotate the array completely around again!


I then was chipping some brush, and decided to take a look at our driveway to see what landscaping needed to be done down there, when I noticed a strange deformity along the side of our gravel. After a moments thought, I realized it was far too large to be a deer – we had moose tracks again! (The last ones we saw were while snowshoeing on the property during our Christmas vacation.)


After only a moment of further examination, I found the trail going across our driveway towards Mummu and Grandpa’s house.


Smart moose are seeking out properties in our township where the people aren’t interested in hunting, considering the season opened so recently!


2 thoughts on “Moose Tracks! (Not the Ice Cream)”

  1. I happen to be going Moose hunting this coming week. Please send that moose over to us (halfway between ParrySound and Sudbury)


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