More Running Water in our Yurts

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a week or two. Of the many blessings that I count in my life, wonderful family and friends counts at the top. 

The past week we were visited by my friend, his wife and their two daughters. It was so gratifying to see Kenny and the girls all getting along so well and playing together. Equally great was getting to unwind and spend time with my friend – I only wish he could have stayed longer, much longer.


With my winter wood mostly laid up there was room to breathe as far as that went, so we were able to relax and show our friends what Thunder Bay and our part of it had to offer.


One small job I didn’t postpone until after their visit was to move the power bar that was so close to the water faucet. I have raised it a few feet higher than the faucet, so it is well above the danger zone. I hope this allows some of you to sleep better at night.


Today Grandpa and I had planned on going fishing on our lake. Alas, it was very overcast and the forecast called for rain so we postponed that experiment for another day. Instead we decided to tackle the sticky issue of what to do when the weather turns freezing and we still are pumping water. There just isn’t room to bury my water lines below the frost line here, so I have to find some way to deal with it when I’m not actively pumping water. It seems to me that most people add some sort of heater to their line to keep it from freezing, but that would require more of my precious electricity than I am prepared to provide.


Instead I am attempting to pump “on demand” into our water cooler and perhaps a few buckets in the yurts and then allow the water to drain back to the well. This is a little challenging because the well and yurts are separated by about 225′. Added to this is the fact that the yurts are only about 15-20′ higher than the well. This gives me about a 10:1 slope at best. Keep in mind too that there is very little margin of tolerance. I simply cannot have any appreciable amount of standing water in the line, or else I risk it freezing and cracking the pipe.


We creatively have built a framework from the well up quite close to the yurts now and I anticipate completing it in a week or so. Grandpa was very helpful as this was definitely a two man job, and his ability to choose and manipulate trees was truly inspiring.


Close to my solar power box, we also opted to raise the line up quite high to provide room for the tractor and roll-bar to pass beneath. We have to ensure access to the back acres of our property this winter to allow me to skid out the logs I need to construct all of our buildings next summer.


This exercise has also given us more food for thought about the location of some of our buildings. There is much to discuss but right now I am leaning towards keeping the buildings needing the most water closest to the well and the lay of the line.


I will try to post a few more pictures when the entire project is completed.


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