Running Water in our Yurts!

Yes, today I finally hooked up our last length of pipe and a faucet to give us some much needed running water. 

Grandpa and I (mostly Grandpa) have been working on getting the pipe from the well to run at a shallow, consistent angle up to the yurts so that when the pump is not running the water runs back into the well. This should allow us to not worry about a danger of freezing and bursting the pipe in winter. Even though we aren’t quite finished with this portion of the project I decided to hook up the hose to the faucet so that we could better access our well water.


Today I drilled a hole through the door frame between our two yurts. I then inserted the pipe through the hole and connected it to the faucet. To help keep the faucet from moving in and out as the water turned on and off I installed a pipe clamp on both the inside and outside of the door frame.


With fingers crossed I positioned a pail under the tap and plugged in the pump. I leaned down and listened carefully to the sound of the pump wheezing and gurgling. It took almost three minutes, before suddenly whoosh!


We had water, and it even seemed to have good pressure. Likely more than will be available when I set up a gravity fed system next year.


I filled up four, five gallon pails, and immediately used that water to do our day’s worth of laundry. It was very satisfying to have done it so self-sufficiently.


Tomorrow I plan on running a bit of the water, then bottling it and taking it to the city lab for testing. Our first test was a failure but in the interim we have added the crushed rock and bleach to the well.


On Saturday I expanded our turnaround a fair bit in an effort to facilitate bringing our Echo up to the yurts. It certainly makes it more appealing to unload groceries when you don’t have to walk through the bush with the bags. I also needed to fill in a spot where Grandpa and I had removed a large boulder. Unfortunately I took the turn too quickly and the wagon was nearly swallowed up! Of course, Donna ran for the camera first to ensure she documented another of my mishaps. This blog must be very gratifying to people who feel that they often bollocks things up; they must feel good compared to some of my blunders :). I look at it as a public service.


Yesterday, Sunday, we attended the Murillo Fall Fair. It was lots of fun witnessing the rodeo for the first time. Kenny really seemed to enjoy taking a crack at bull riding himself!


Later, he channeled the wing walkers of the past for half the afternoon. Luckily he was fueled by french fries, ice cream and Popsicles, so he was able to keep up his energy levels.


Tonight at the supper table, daddy was gratified to hear that running water placed high in our list of items to be thankful for. What more could anyone ask?


4 thoughts on “Running Water in our Yurts!”

  1. Can you use some more pipe to move the tap further away from the electrical box? Or use more cable and move the plug points? It looks like they are right on top of each other with the plugs getting sprayed from the tap.

  2. The picture maybe doesn't show it well, but they are at ninety degrees to one another. But I think I will move the power bar up much higher on the wall so the optics are not so bad.


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