Attending the CLE, Time at Camp and Canning.

Last week we filled with activities of a more recreational variety. The winter wood is nearly finished, in fact, I believe we have a fair bit of wood set aside already for next year even. Of course, we have little idea how much we will burn to get through this year, so it’s perhaps counting my logs before they are burned.

Our first big activity was to head to the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition. As you can see, there was no shortage of traditional midway foods. Kenny is two-fisted, working on a candy apple and hot dog simultaneously. Technically, he chewed the candy coating off the apple, and then passed it on to Mama to finish off.

Next we checked out the agricultural building, complete with a petting zoo. Here Kenny got to experience goats, sheep, llamas, wallabies (who were sleeping, I suppose they were jet-lagged), pot-belly pigs, chickens, geese, buffalo and cattle.
Here he is checking out the business end of a Mama goat (nanny?). In the background you can see the piglets snuffling around for handouts.
We were all excited to see Maple, the official milking cow of the exhibition. Kenny even took a crack at milking her by hand – and won a ribbon for his efforts!
I can only assume he is imagining the ice cream that could be made from her milk.
After our adventures at the exhibition, we took Kenny into town for a last-minute trip to the dentist to re-attach his spacer, and then it was off to camp! A weekend of just swimming and sauna and relaxing with Mummu and Grandpa and Mama and Daddy.
Grandpa set Kenny up with a fishing rod, and he took another crack at casting. In spite of no bites, he still seemed to enjoy this, and I’m sure once he catches his first fish, he’ll be hooked! (ha ha).
The mornings were quite misty, it made for a really interesting view across the lake. You felt like you were in a surreal world all of your own.
When we returned, I was feeling adventurous, so I actually brought our car right up to the yurts! It went fairly smoothly, I did grate over one exposed rock, but now that I know it is there, I have avoided it on subsequent trips.
Then I checked out the IBC water container I had purchased just before the fair – it is intended to be used as a bit of a cistern or storage tank, to ease pressure on the well and pump. I figure that I can pump it full over the span of a day or two, and then we can use the water in it from then on, relieving the well from having to supply larger quantities on short notice.
Finally, Kenny got to enjoy something from his parents’ childhood – Merlin! He is quite adept at learning the games on it, and has already mastered tic-tac-toe, and loves to programme it to play his own little tunes.
As for Mama and Daddy, we spent yesterday and this morning canning up some chicken I bought in town at a good price. We both realized how convenient it was to be able to open up a jar of something pre-cooked, and only have to warm it and mix it with a few other items to have a delicious and nutritious meal. Of course, the savings also are a bonus, and the lack of a freezer makes this an even more attractive option to get alternative foods into our diets.


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