Putting in our Winter Wood.

Grandpa was up and at it early yesterday, so I wandered down to see what he was banging around at by the well. It turns out he was eager to continue with getting the wood shed filled, as well as preparing the wood for next winter already. I joined him in piling up some of the greener wood to dry for a year, as well as putting up the wood that was already dried, either by being cut last year, or because it was a windfall. 

After we sorted a bit of that wood, I emptied off the rack I had been using to dry my cut lumber, added a number of scrap pieces of two by two lumber, and hoisted it up onto my skidway beside the sawmill. This worked a real treat to cut up my slabs into stove lengths. I blasted through this pile for the rest of the day, and then all day today, thanks to Kenny and Donna helping me to load slabs, and then unload wood back at the woodshed. This has been a really reassuring exercise, as by the end of the day today, the woodshed is already 75% full, and that’s mostly just with a windfall or two, and the slab pile!


There are still a few scraps at the slab pile that I can take care of in the next few days, and then I will start to venture forth to find one or two more windfalls that I can use as extra insurance. One thing that worries us a bit is that once again this morning we fired up the wood stove, as it was below ten degrees in the yurts, and hard to get out of bed. We’re using the stove for warmth in August! That almost makes me think that except for June and July, we’d need to be prepared to have a stove going in the yurts the rest of the year – which isn’t so bad, it heats up quickly so far, and likely more so when the pipes no longer smell and we can keep the windows shut.


We also noticed this morning that while the stove throws good heat after the initial lighting, it doesn’t put out enough to boil water or toast our bread in a very timely manner. This will require further thought and investigation; perhaps we let the fire die down too quickly once the chill was out of the air.


Tomorrow we are planning on visiting the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition in Thunder Bay, weather permitting, and also the Thunder Bay Co-Op, which even Grandpa hasn’t visited before!


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