Another Moving Day

Well, here we are for another night in the yurts. So far they have been fun, but cold by morning! We’re all in the mood to try to stay under the covers and snuggle as much as possible until either our stomach, our bladder, or our shame at sleeping in so late drives us from our beds.Yesterday afternoon, Donna and I headed into the city again, intent on making a few more big ticket purchases. We picked up a propane stove to cook on, a few construction items, a new tire and inner tube for my trailer, and were really pumped to get our solar system set up.

The fellow at Maier Hardware really seemed to know and enjoy this aspect of his business. He walked us through loads of things, taking time to ask many questions, and explain much of his decision making tree as he went. It was refreshing this time to not have to suffer through too forceful of an upsell, a definite problem I had at other solar dealers.

Unfortunately, by the time we had decided on what we needed, he still needed more time to get it together and ask the final questions. And we were already on track to be late for supper at Mummu’s house. We agreed that I would return this morning to pick up our solar system.

After supper, Grandpa and I headed down to the garage to try to mount the new tube and tire on my rim. What a chore that was! We had straps on it, bands on it, clamps of all sizes and shapes. I stood on it, Grandpa stood on it, we both stood on it. We hammered it, we swore at it (well, as much as we swear, mostly just grunting in a particularly annoyed manner).

Finally, we gave up.

This morning, shockingly, Grandpa appeared with it all mounted and even back on the trailer axle! He still has a few tricks up his sleeves it seems.

After a quick breakfast, I was off to town to see to my solar panel and batteries again.

I arrived, eager to go, and we got down to the final few items – wire, connectors, things of that nature. The inverter I already owned was still in the box, so I wasn’t sure what wire gauge was recommended. He advised I check and come back, rather than simply purchasing a wire without being certain. I rushed to the store where I had bought the inverter, checked on the wire size, and then ended up just purchasing it there, mostly out of convenience.

On the way home, I stopped to pick up my newly sharpened sawmill blade, and to visit the chip stand that had set up shop there.

Donna and I immediately began to load up my wagon to take some extra large loads to the yurts and dojo tent. It was a bit tricky to navigate through Grandpa’s trees to get onto our bush trail, but in spite of the roots and rocks, I got through a number of trips, all without debarking any of his trees (except the one poplar that I had already mangled with my front end loader the very first trip I took with the tractor on the back trail…)

It was with a real sense of accomplishment that we totally emptied Grandpa’s garage of our possessions, and even managed to clear off all the notable items left outside. Tomorrow we should be able to empty out the guest room entirely of our things, and then we can claim storage independence!

After that, it’s likely time to work on our solar system. My own personal power generating station – that should be super-cool!

Oh yeah, I probably also have to find a place to start a compost pile, that stuff is beginning to build up faster than I expected too.

Ack! There are a few no-see-ums in the yurt, it’s time for me to wind this post down and retreat under the covers until the cold night air takes the bite out of them.


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