Moving in to a Yurt

So today we were treated to a huge stack of Grandpa’s famous Finn style pancakes!

What a great way to start the day. We all indulged ourselves with pancake after pancake, smothered in butter and jam or maple syrup.

Grandpa then headed off to see if he could catch some fish for supper, while the rest of us went down to the entrance to push the last of the gravel out onto the driveway before the contractor would have a chance to finish our driveway for us.

We managed to finish our work before Grandpa returned, so we headed up the road to collect my new trailer. Imagine my annoyance to discover that at some point, we had blown out the tire of the trailer. I made several telephone calls but with little satisfaction. The store where I purchased it could not replace it until Wednesday, but I could purchase a lesser quality tire for $20. Canadian Tire couldn’t be convinced to check to see if they had a replacement, they simply told me to come and look for myself through their stock. Grrrr!

At least Kenny was able to find a new friend in the flat tire – he took it for a tour all over Mummu and Grandpa’s acreage :).

Grandpa returned, empty canoed, and offered to transport our furnishings using the MTD and his trailer again. We really owe him a few tanks of petrol!

First we took the dresser, it was empty and taking up lots of room in the garage, so it made sense to move it in right away.

After the dresser, Grandpa decided we should have a deck so the step up isn’t so high. We managed to build it out of spare lumber within an hour or two. Amazingly, something went quickly!

Next came the parts to assemble our bed. It took a surprising amount of time to arrange Kenny’s bed, our bed, and the dresser in the limited and round space. We eventually did seem to come up with a pretty acceptable concept though, which freed up the door, as well as gave us room to curtain off Kenny from the rest of the yurts when he goes to bed or sleeps in.

We returned to Mummu’s for supper – salmon – so we got fish after all!

After supper, I opted to just pull our hand wagon loaded down with Kenny’s books and a few odds and ends, then finished up with our bedding for tonight. We didn’t get the mattresses, so we will be using our camp mats instead. It will be just like camping – sorry, glamping!

Right now Donna is bathing Kenny, and then we’re off – we’ll check back in soon :).


9 thoughts on “Moving in to a Yurt”

  1. That's a genius idea! I'm posting this while the rain patters down on the yurt canvas, and the skylight slowly gets darker and darker… First night in he yurts!

  2. Congratulations Stephen, the yurts look fantastic! It's been great seeing them come together blog-post-by-blog-post 🙂


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