Building a Yurt Floor, Part Seven (The Finale!)

It’s done!

I was really committed to getting it finished today, and finally things worked out.

There was a chill in the air as I started out this morning, so I took that opportunity to continue cleaning up around the yurt site. I managed to put away the generator and power tools, anticipating that they would be used elsewhere on our property. I also cleaned up the scrap lumber and rocks.

Then I went around, digging out some of the roots, shoots and trunks that were sticking out perilously close to where we would be spending most of our time. I had been tripping over them since we started on the yurt floors, and now I finally felt I had a chance to deal with them.

Grandpa spent the day working on extending his road around a particularly difficult turn. On the one side, it was solid granite, and on the other side, there was a pretty substantial drop-off. The tractors had navigated it without a problem, but it did make things difficult if they had a load – and it certainly would be a problem for a regular vehicle to manage.

He made it up with a bit of corduroy, lots of rocks, and even more sweat! He certainly earned his pastries today!

With the yurt site cleaned up, I headed to the driveway and felled five or six trees on my own with my Stihl. It was nice to not have Grandpa watching over my shoulder – except for the fact that the trees fell exactly where I wanted them on the road! Rats – I had to go and tell him what I had done, but it would likely have been so much better for him to witness it in person.

I limbed them, cut them into about twelve foot chunks, and then Donna and Kenny showed up as the sun had warmed up the floor surfaces enough for the second coat.

Kenny was very, very enthused about painting again. It was difficult to focus his energies – he painted us, and himself, into corners, or painted areas that interested him, even if they weren’t all continuous.

It was a relief that finally the paint went further than expected. Running out of primer was very frustrating, and I would have really, really been annoyed if I had run out of the actual paint. The cans both claimed coverage of 400 square feet, which is more than I’m trying to cover with the yurt floors, so I found it perplexing when they barely covered 300 square feet worth of floor. I suppose unpainted wood is pretty thirsty, but still…

I even managed to save a few ounces in the bottom of the can, for the inevitable touch-ups.

We broke for lunch, enjoying Mummu’s company as she regaled us with tales of her trip to Safeway’s in the big city.

After breaking bread, I went back to the driveway and started digging out a path for the tractor to get past the gravel pile. Eventually I heard Kenny and Donna approaching – he was in a bit of a mood, so I could hear him as soon as he left Mummu’s house. He did calm down when he arrived at the gravel pile, and took to shoveling with amazing gusto and ability!

After a hot, dirty afternoon of work, we broke for a drink and small snack, and then it was off to Mummu’s house for supper.

Tomorrow morning, we’re going to get up bright and early, and see if we can’t get both yurts put up – stay tuned for the big post!

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