Building a Yurt Floor, Part One

Today I was up early for some reason. I guess I had lots on my mind (and perhaps a little in my bladder too, truth be told).I was up before anyone else in the house, so I slipped into Donna’s robe, put on my sneakers, and moseyed down to the paper box to see if the newspaper had arrived.It hadn’t, so I headed back to the house, checked my email, and then began assembling the yurt floor directions. It still jived with the joists I had already cut, so that was exciting. Soon Grandpa and Mummu came into the kitchen and then things really started moving. Toast and coffee were soon prepared (I opted for a cuppa myself – I’m a tea drinker, no coffee for me thanks) and Grandpa agreed that today was the day to try to get a good start on the floors of the yurts.

He brought over the MTD, and while on his trek, I put the generator into our wagon, and transported it to the yurt site from our tent site. I then strung up our largest tarp between four nearby trees to help create a sheltered area where the power tools could be ran and stored.Grandpa pointed out that a circular floor was beyond his ken, and opted instead to work on smoothing out the trail and creating a driveway for Donna that led right up to the yurts.After having washed his hands of responsibilities for errors and omissions with the floor, I knew the pressure was on. I fired up the genny and got down to business. It wasn’t too bad, as the instructions from Yurta were really well done and accurate. There was a bit of head scratching to do in a few spots where things weren’t totally clear, and of course, the boards I had cut were 2 x 5 1/2, not the typical 1 1/2 x 5 1/2. I think I did a pretty bang up job though.

Shortly into the morning, my gravel guy showed up, and dumped a new load for us to pick away at. It was about 6 feet further along than the last time – hopefully not an ongoing trend!By lunch I had managed to cut all the joists and stringers for the small yurt, and had nailed a quarter of it together.

After lunch, Donna and Kenny came out to help, and I have to say, Kenny did awesome! He was hammering away at every nail in sight – and he didn’t bend over ANY! That’s more than his father can generally say!In any case, I think they turned out looking okay. I had to slightly modify the final stringers, again likely because joists were all a half inch wider than called for in the specs.Then came the real crunch time – I wanted to make room to build the larger floor tomorrow, but the half floor of the smaller yurt was really heavy! I ended up managing to get it onto its long edge, and then “walking” it over to the other half, and slowly laying it down right on top.

Everything went very well. We spent our lunch hour discussing how to properly clad the top and bottom of the floor and how and when and where to obtain the materials.The weather today was really cold and wet, but clearly we didn’t let that slow us down overly. Grandpa accomplished some really impressive results on the bush trail and driveway up to the yurts.The remainder of the week also looks pretty wet and dreary.

Tomorrow I will try to get a good showing done on the larger floor – at least I have the general concept now. Maybe tomorrow night I will go to town to pick up materials, and then return on Thursday for more materials. I think it will take a few trips just to get the items needed to complete the yurts, let alone my other shopping list!Well, it’s sauna night tonight. I’m off to pack my robe and razor.


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