The Tent, Part One

Today, Grandpa and I were determined to get a good start on the tent. We both entertained dreams of having it completed and up by tonight.

I carefully read over the instructions, ensuring that while we were building our framework to our own specs, it would still fit the original directions. We used our level and protractor to ensure everything was per the original, and had gotten up two out of the three main rafters by lunch.

While we were plugging away at this, Donna took the time to unwrap and lay out all the canvas. This proved invaluable, and, in hindsight, I would tell everyone to do the same. As we broke for lunch, I found it hard to reconcile the angles I saw on the canvas on the ground with the structure we had constructed. I suggested that the first thing we do when we return should be to compare the canvas to the structure before we went any further.

How disappointing – we were off by two feet in width, and at least one foot in height. We had to remove the rafters we had constructed, reconfigure them, and then move the walls two feet in from where they were located. Grandpa and I were a bit perturbed. I suppose though, it was better to find out when we did, rather than when we had put up much more structure. We plugged away until we ran out of our very small supply of nails. We headed in for supper. We have the main structure up, and it fits the canvas, now we just need to reinforce it with an extra pair of rafters and some slabs to help with snow load. Tomorrow looks to be rainy in the morning, so Grandpa and I plan on heading to town to buy more nails, pick up some pallets to lay down in the tent (to get our bins up off the ground), visit the reserve to get petrol, and a few other errands. Perhaps if the afternoon clears up, we will be able to make some more progress?


Tonight, after supper and dishes, Donna and I headed down to the drive to see if we could also get a bit done there. The latest load of gravel wasn’t really dumped any further along than the first load, as the truck’s rear wheels had begun to sink on my new gravel. Using shovels and sisu, we managed to dig a trail around the pile wide enough for the tractor to power through, and then it was just a matter of picking up loads of gravel and depositing them around the drive we had already done. We essentially were trying to double the thickness of gravel on the drive, if possible. We managed to pick away at around half the pile before it got to be bedtime for Kenny (who was back at Mummu’s house), so we knocked off for the day. I’m hopeful that we can get something done tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Tent, Part One”

  1. Hello Stephen
    I have been following your progress and admire your determination and energy in pursuing this endeavour. I must say that I was very surprised when I heard about your plans (which was only a week or so before you left Kitchener)to move up north to become a modern homesteader. I'll watch your progress from a distance and wish you all great success.

  2. Thanks Michael! We were keeping to our plans rather quietly, but it was really nice to be mentioned at church on our last Sunday. We still will be back and forth to Kitchener (and Wellesley) of course, so hopefully we'll see you again in a few months. In the meantime, thanks for reading – it's nice to know that people appreciate the news :). Give our best to everyone.


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