Closing down the garden.

   Well, yesterday Kenny convinced me to head outside and make use of the longest period without rain we’ve had in weeks (about 12 hours).
   I took the opportunity to clean up the garden.  Dismantle the stakes, bring in the lines, throw the dead and dying plants into the yard waste bin, and then dig up the bounty beneath our soil.

   As you can see from the pictures, our rock harvest came in in spades this year!  Two of those monsters visible between the beds bent my poor pitchfork tines severely, and it will require some TLC to be returned to it’s past, parallel glory.
   I’ll just briefly annotate each of the last remaining three beds.

   As you can see in this picture, we got good carrot production.  A few peppers were hanging around that I moved indoors to finish up in the next few days.
   Both sides of the bed are covered in rocks.  We’ll be eating stone soup all winter!
   There were also a few potatoes I lined up along the near side of this bed…

   In this photo, you can see that we had still more carrots, which is nice.  And another healthy group of rocks down the left side, the right side was reserved for potatoes that I had speared while harvesting.  And the near side is for pristine taters ready for storage!

   Finally, you can see that we got a very healthy number of rocks here, enough to cover three sides of the bed!  There were a few potatoes interspersed with them, and they are lined up again on the near row.
   If anyone has further suggestions for how I can use up my stones, I’d love to hear them…  Bread?  Muffins?  Casseroles?  Maybe I’ll bag some up and give them out to neighbours…
   Happy Thanksgiving everyone :).

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