Calling it like it is…

   I was talking to a neighbour the other day, and they related how they had recently left a job that they really needed and enjoyed, because their boss was making sexist and insulting comments directly to them.
   I really admired their ability to take a stand for both themself, and humanity in general.  It really brought back memories of jobs I’ve had at times, where the people around me, often the boss or supervisor, made comments that were personally offensive, or racist, or bigoted in some fashion or another.  Sadly, I was too young and frightened of the consequences of speaking out.  I needed the jobs, and feared the consequences of confronting the boors around me.
   I’m really going to try to do better in the future, and call out people when they make comments like that, and I hope that people around me also take the time and have the courage to point out when I slip up myself, as I’m sure we all do.  I also want to impress upon Ken that he should always be prepared to speak up when he sees or hears someone speaking or doing wrong.  I hope he never feels that a paycheque, or the respect of someone, must come at the cost of allowing them to go through their life without such a check on the damage they can inflict on others.
   Well, time to step off my soapbox…

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