More Property Searching…

   If all goes well, this post should go out while Donna and I are in Thunder Bay.  Although we are constantly looking for the property we wish to purchase, we don’t have anything in mind just yet that we are set on purchasing (I do have a favourite one, but it is priced a bit beyond our limit).
   It’s been difficult to find what we’re looking for, and it bears thinking about changing either our standards, or what we are prepared to pay.  Of course, it’s also difficult because we want as much money as possible in our pockets so that we aren’t forced to spend more time off of the homestead than we really want to.
   I wonder how other people have dealt with this situation.  Is it better to get started homesteading sooner, even if it means you have to make sacrifices of time and money, or later, when you can perhaps keep more of your time and money on the homestead?

1 thought on “More Property Searching…”

  1. I've had this conversation a lot over the past year, and I used to think that getting something quickly was the way to go. I've put this tought towards someone who was of the opposite school of thought, that being that it might be best to work hard to attain the ideal property, essentially foregoing "instant gratification". I'm still on the fence a bit, but can see that there is merit on both approaches, and ultimately, one will have to do what makes them and their supporters happiest.


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