Improving my site, losing my sight…

Well, after an exciting run last Friday, with this blog recording an outstanding spike in views thanks to the cider entry, things have gotten back to normal I think.

Thanks to everyone who commented and voted up the story on Reddit – I believe I actually hit number 12 on the “what’s hot” list. Digg, on the other hand, never gave me any love… Not that I’m trying to say anything one way or the other.
Anyway, that rush to popularity certainly went to my head, and I’m sorry to say it even managed to disrupt a bit of my inner script. I rushed to improve the look and feel of the blog, and then my website, and finally the domain, which, as I mentioned in my last post, I spent the better part of the day Saturday changing from just being forwarded to this blog, to being a wiki in its own right.
Funny how easy it is for life to throw you off your game plan so quickly, isn’t it? I started to realize last night that I was getting all stressed thinking about how much work I’d have to do to maintain that level of popularity, and how little knowledge I really had of the things I was working with.
Long story short, I think I really lost sight of my ambition to do things simply… I’ll leave up the wiki, and continue to use it as a gather place for ideas for the homestead, and I’ll certainly try to keep up the blog, letting people know what I’m up to, and what sorts of things Kenny and I do to fill our days. But I won’t concentrate so much time and effort towards being all things to all people. To mine own self I must be true :).
Please though, please continue commenting and maybe even submitting the occasional posts to various sites where you think it might be of interest, I’d really appreciate the exposure and range of opinions!
Until next time…

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