Aiki Homesteading Wiki

Well, I’m sure my family is annoyed enough about me begging them to check it out, but I spent the better part of Saturday trying to create and configure a homesteading wiki…

Check it out if you get a chance,, and better yet – edit something or add something!
For those of you who are interested, I used the pmwiki platform, with the monobook skin, and then I went into the .css file to change around the colour scheme so that it matched the blog more closely, and THEN I went to and did the same sort of thing… I’m way too retentive!
Actually, maybe not that bad. There are a few inconsistencies throughout the process, that I think I’m going to live with. I just don’t have the time to track down every little snippet of code to ensure that titles and links and viewed links all have the exact same colour scheme.
Wikis are pretty cool, but they really seem to shine when you can get loads of contributions on them, which is like pulling teeth. It’s probably almost as difficult as getting people to comment in your blog, or to update their profiles on your family based website/contact list 😉
Anyway, just wanted to drum up some interest in the wiki. I’ll cross-post some of my blog entries that seem to me to be of value as reference materials.
Hopefully more, and more interesting, blog posts are on the way 😉

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