Here I am, stuck in the city…

Just to be clear, we’re not yet on our ideal homestead.

As you could gather if you checked out my profile, you’d see that we’re still in Kitchener. A very nice city, but a city nonetheless… We have a house which is entering its’ seventh or eighth decade, still in very good shape, which is small by today’s standards, but just enough for us.
The photo I am using for the blog is actually a still from the movie “The Last Samurai”. I really felt drawn to the village in that movie, and would love to recreate that environment around myself.
We have had our ups and downs in our search for property, centralizing our search around the area northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. My in-laws are based there, and land is somewhat within our budget there, so it makes the most sense.
Unfortunately, we’ve had to modify our criteria a few times to suit what was really available, and found property that was ideal, but not available at any price, and property that was a great price, but absolutely not ideal. We would be happy with meeting the two points halfway, but that’s not happened just yet, although perhaps… Who knows?
Anyway, just wanted no misunderstandings… And this way, my loyal reader will be along for the entire ride, and get a chance to experience our trials and tribulations from even before we are back to the land.

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