Continuing on…

Well, thanks for coming back, or finding us, as the case may be…
I’ll try not to use up all my good material at once here, as I have
all-too-often found myself subscribing to a blog that starts out
strong, but then runs out of steam.
If you’ve taken the time to track down my online profile, you’ll
see that two of my interests are Aikido, and homesteading. Actually,
it was Aikido that introduced my wife and I to one another, and then
it was our mutual interest in homesteading that sealed the deal (or
was it the way I looked in my keikogi?).
As we’ve grown together, and introduced our son to the world, we’ve
kept our focus on someday escaping from the city and our jobs, to get
to a more Walden-like existence. Not really a unique dream I’m sure,
but we feel we are in the unique position of being quite close to
accomplishing this. We’ve managed to pay off our mortgage, embrace a
frugal lifestyle, and have either had, or are cultivating, an ability
to be more self-sufficient.
We have a really strong vision for an acreage where we, and our
friends and family, can spend time re-connecting with not just nature,
but our own nature… Finding and embracing things that bring us
closer to a rich life, and weeding out those things that clutter the
mind and our environment. Not just physical items, but also mental
Please, feel free to come along with us, we’re always open to
listening to advice and direction, especially from those who have gone
on before.

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