Aiki Computing – How I learned to stop worrying and love Google.

Over a process that’s taken up a year or two, I’ve realized that simplifying your computer makes for a far richer experience. I’ll likely post more on this subject over the next few days, as it’s something that’s been on my mind quite a bit lately. For starters, let’s discuss email. Here is my list … Read more

Whole Wheat Bread

Well, no time like the present to get into the meat of things and begin to present some real content. Today my son and I are going to have to bake some bread again. We almost always go for the whole wheat/whole grain loaves, as we all know those are better for us, right? I … Read more

Continuing on…

Well, thanks for coming back, or finding us, as the case may be… I’ll try not to use up all my good material at once here, as I haveall-too-often found myself subscribing to a blog that starts outstrong, but then runs out of steam. If you’ve taken the time to track down my online profile, … Read more

Baby steps…

Please, I’m just learning how this all works, so be gentle… I’m thinking it would be best for me to create a small website, and then simply embed this blog within it to keep friends and family abreast of what we’re thinking and doing… Let me know if you have other ideas for our website, … Read more

Privacy Policy?

Apparently I need to provide full disclosure about the adsense ads on the website, so here goes… Google, one of our third-party advertisers, may add a cookie to determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences and your visit to our site and other sites on the internet. You can choose to opt out of Google’s … Read more